Connections are everything. Studies have shown that students who are engaged and challenged are much likelier to succeed. The level at which a student is engaged directly correlates to the connection that is established between a student and their teacher. This relationship is one of the most crucial aspects of education. However, this relationship is deteriorating as the educational system gets streamlined and curricula are being catered to specific exams and standards. Teachers may not have the time to connect with a student and engage them in the material they are presenting.

These missing connections were something founders Fabiano Praca and Jorge Cuello strived to change. On Point Tutoring is about the mission to offer a fresh, current look on subjects by providing young professional tutors who can connect with students and make the material relatable.

OPT connects with students and makes the material relatable.

With a young staff that consists of college students and recently graduated professionals, On Point Tutors offer a unique perspective that is hard to find elsewhere. Programs are focused not only on teaching the material, but being able to establish a connection with each individual student and cater to his or her needs accordingly. With this in mind, OPT has had the ability to assist over one hundred students achieve the grades and scores that led to them to the colleges of their choice.