On Point News – Fall 2014

OPT polo shirt

OPT polo shirt, in green

On Point Tutoring is delighted to usher in a fresh year of quality education. Like our students, we as a company have advanced over the past year and are eager to apply our knowledge to build on our success this year. We have many exciting developments for fall 2014, and we are poised to provide another year of exceptional tutoring.

Student progress is a top priority of OPT, which is why our company must improve with our students. We are debuting our standardized test score tracker this year, which will catalog high school students’ performance on college entrance exams. Each student can closely monitor their personal progress on the SAT and ACT, as well as their scores on practice exams administered by OPT. We developed the standardized test score tracker to increase student goal focus and to encourage further progress with graphical reinforcement of hard work.

Another emphasis of On Point Tutoring is accessibility. To that effect, we are embracing the most modern systems to facilitate session payment. We are proud to announce our use of Square Register, a mobile application to accept credit cards for our service. Using our smartphones and tablets enabled with Square Register, we can slide or manually input credit cards. Through adopting this program, we will increase the availability of our company.

OPT realized that the fresh school year calls for a fresh look. Henceforth, our tutors will sport company polo shirts, in white or green. On Point Tutors are defined by our dedication, and this team uniform feels consistent with our attitude. Also, we simply can’t conceal our company pride, and polos seemed like an appropriate way to show it.

Besides these developments, On Point Tutoring remains committed to providing a fresh approach to learning. As we continue the 2014-2015 school year, we aim to steadily progress our company as we work to help students reach their scholastic goals.


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