SAT/ACT Staff: 5

College entrance exams are one of the most important factors in determining the strength of a high school student’s transcipt. However, these exams are designed to test a student’s overall knowledge and test-taking ability, a skill that many students struggle with. Large test-prep corporations base a very large portion of their programs on re-teaching information that most students already know. These group programs are also held in large classrooms decreasing the amount of personalized attention available. This severely hinders a student’s ability to make large improvements to their scores and open university doors.

SAT & ACT Test Preparation

At OPT, we base our standardized testing philosophy on three simple components

  1. Individually structured programs
  2. Practice with current material
  3. Student involvement

Our programs are all catered to each students specific set of strengths and weaknesses. Sessions are designed to specifically address a student’s weakness and reinforce their strengths. This is done through practice with the most recent and up to date SAT and ACT materials. Students take multiple free practice tests in real test conditions. This is due to the fact that the difficulty with the SAT and ACT arises not from the material itself, but rather the way it is presented. The more a student sees the exam, the more they understand what is being asked of them. Lastly, our program focuses on encouraging students to participate and become actively engaged in their own success. Our young staff prides themselves on their ability to involve and excite students about their own success.

Secondary School Admission Test
Independent School Entrance Exam

SSAT/ISEE Staff: 4

Private school entrance exams can be every bit as challenging as standardized tests at the collegiate level. For students applying to private elementary, middle, and high schools, the SSAT is comparable to the SAT and the ISEE is comparable to the ACT. Both the SSAT and ISEE scores are converted to a grade-appropriate percentile that will be displayed on transcripts. Private schools are receiving more applications than ever before and it is critical that every student receives their best shot.

These exams are designed so that students can perform decently without much preparation. That is why our program focuses on testing strategies to separate our students from their peers.  We have previously administered SSAT and ISEE exams so our students have the best materials to prepare from, and we offer free monthly practice tests administered in conditions identical to the real exam. These are full-length tests that give our students the real feel of exam day. Through this exercise, we gain important insight into how the student will perform under time pressure, and adjust the student’s attention to the material accordingly.  OPT’s SSAT and ISEE program is formulated to give our students the ultimate chance of acceptance into the top private school of their choice.